Patient Group Directions (PGDs)

Patient Group Directions

  • All NHS PGDs must only be used as part of a commissioned NHS service.
  • Details relating to PGDs are below.
  • NICE Patient Group Direction Guidelines MPG2 August 2013
  • As a broad principle the commissioner / provider of the service should supply the PGD (where appropriate) or administer under a PSD.

National Immunisations and PGDs:

Travel Vaccine PGDs

  • Some travel vaccines are available on the NHS free of charge most are only available privately. NHS choices has information relating NHS Vaccines.
  • PGDs for Travel vaccinations (both NHS and Private) are NOT available and the vaccine should be administered under a Patient Specific Directions (PSDs)

Provider PGDs

  • For PGDs relating to Sirona Care and Health (e.g school nurses, contraceptive and sexual, child health, physiotherapy and Minor Injury Units) these are only available via the Sirona Intranet

'Written instructions for the supply or administration of medicines to groups of patients who may not be individually identified before presentation for treatment.'

PGDs provide a legal framework that allows the supply and/or administration of a specified medicine(s), by named, authorised, registered health professionals, to a pre-defined group of patients needing prophylaxis or treatment for a condition described in the PGD, without the need for a prescription or an instruction from a prescriber. Using a PGD is not a form of prescribing.

It should be remembered that PGDs cannot be used if the act of supply or administration is delegated to someone else, Unlicensed products cannot be supplied or administered under a PGD and that PGDs are not appropriate for the regular supply, administration or dose adjustment of medicines in chronic illnesses. In these situations, independent prescribing (medical and non-medical) or supplementary prescribing is more appropriate.

Patient Group directions do not remove the inherent professional obligations or accountability and it is the responsibility of each professional to practise only within the bounds of their own competence and to ensure they continue to keep their professional development up to date. Health care professionals working under PGDs should sign the authorisation form at the back of the PGD to declare themselves competent as to confirm that they have read the PGD and would in accordance with it. This competence should be confirmed by an appropriate authorising manager or GP who is taking responsibility for the authorising healthcare professional to operate under the terms of this PGD within a NHS commissioned service.

The patient group directions listed below should only be used by designated health care professionals as mentioned in law and documented in the staff characteristics of the specific PGD.

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