Not Recommended

First line drugs Specialist drugs Secondary Care drugs
Recommended in both primary and secondary care Where a specialist input is needed (see introduction for definition) Prescribing principally within secondary care only

The BCAP committee has deemed that these drugs are NOT recommended for prescribing in Primary Care as recommended by NHSE following the outcome of the consultation in 2017 *

as they do not fit the criteria of being safe or cost effective or evidence based or represent use of good NHS resources. Some may be available for self purchase.

Changes to medicines or treatments prescribed on the NHS December 2017 Patient Information





Patient Information

1.2 Dicycloverine Antispasmodic
2.12 Omega 3 fatty acid* Omacor Secondary Prevention of MI Changes to omega-3 fatty acids prescribing
Colesevelam Cholestagel Primary hypercholestrolemia
2.12 Ciprofibrate, Bezafibrate Fenofibrate Off label use Diabetic Retinopathy Non formulary awaiting application March 2018
2.5.4 Doxazosin MR* Antihypertensive Changes to doxazosin prescribing
4.3.1 Trimipramine* Antidepressant Changes to trimipramine prescribing
4.3.1 Dosulepin* Antidepressant Changes to dosulepin prescribing
4.7.1 Co-proxamol* Opioid Analgesic Changes to Coproxamol Prescribing
4.7.2 Tramadol hydrochloride / Paracetamol* Co-tramacet Opioid Analgesic Changes to Tramacet® prescribing
4.7.2 Oxycodone / Naloxone*  Targinact Opioid Analgesic Changes to Targinact® prescribing
4.7.2 Immediate release Fentanyl* PecFent, Efforenta Chronic NON cancer pain Changes to immediate-release fentanyl prescribing
4.7.3 Lidocaine Plasters* Versatis All indications e.g neuropathic pain, cancer , palliative care, rib pain Changes to lidocaine plaster prescribing    SPS Lidocaine Plaster Post Herpetic Neuralgia Revw Oct17
5.1.7 Rifaximin 200mg Xifaxanta® All indications including use for traveller's diarrhoea
6.2.1 Liothyronine 20micrograms* Includes Armour® Thyroid & other combination products T3 replacement Changes to liothyronine prescribing Exsisting patients (Jan18) GPs to continue to prescribe until review see 6.2.1
6.2.1 Liothyronine 5micrograms Includes Cytomel T3 replacement Non formulary unlicensed
6.3.2 Hydrocorisone MR tablets 5mg 20mg Plendaren Adrenal Insufficiency Non formulary not cost effective
7.4.5 Tadalafil Once Daily* Cialis Once Daily Erectile Dysfunction Changes to once-daily tadalafil prescribing
9.1.6 Cyanocobalamine  See prescribing guidelines page
10.3.2 Rubefacients * Exclude topical NSAIDS Changes to rubefacients prescribing
10 Glucosamine and Chondroitin* Includes Glusartel, Alateris, Dolenio Changes to glucosamine prescribing
11.10 Nutritional Supplements Lutein and Antioxidants*  Icaps, Ocuvite  Prevention of Age Related Macular Degeneration Changes to lutein and antioxidant supplements prescribing
13 R1 Gel and R2 Lotion Preparation for skin affected by radiation treatment Not cost effective to the NHS and specialist radiotherapy guidance does not specifically recommend this product 
14.4 Hepatitis A / B Vaccine* Twinrix, Ambirix Travel Vaccine  Changes to travel vaccines prescribing
Misc Homepathy* Changes to homeopathy prescribing
Misc Herbal Treatments* Changes to herbal treatment prescribing

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