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The Bath Clinical Area Partnership (BCAP) Joint Formulary

For adults and adolescents only (see separate tab on left handside for paediatrics)

The aim of the BCAP Joint Formulary is to promote safe, effective, appropriate and economic prescribing in both hospital and general practice. It is not intended to cover all prescribing, but should provide appropriate treatment for the vast majority of patients. The Joint Formulary provides a selective list of medicines which will lead to a greater familiarity with a limited range of medicines, helping to reduce prescribing errors and promote a seamless approach to prescribing. The BCAP Joint Formulary is an evolving, dynamic document.

Both primary and secondary care prescribers, community pharmacists, Medicines Optimisation Teams, clinicians and pharmacists from Royal United Hospital NHS Foundation Trust all have input into the production of each chapter of the Joint Formulary, either by contributing in the wide consultation or being directly involved in the Bath Clinical Area Partnership Joint Formulary Group.